All postcards are made using natural flower petals and graphic and painting materials. When making the postcards, the carefully collected petals and small leaves become angels, birds, butterflies, trees, people, or parts of other compositions. The postcards are light, fragile, and mysterious; the colours reflect the tones of the earth. Each of them is unique, created with lots of care and reflects harmony.


For each of my works I use small petals thus most of my work consist of original pictures-miniatures. They can be enlarged to fit the size which the client wants. The pictures become large reproductions or roll-up blinds which reveal the natural beauty of the petals, they texture and nature.


My photos can become a nice part of your interior. My favourite thing to photograph is the nature and its beautiful treasures, unique corners, and changing seasons. Various everyday items and interesting pieces in parks have been “characters” of my photos. I love taking pictures of people but not the posed ones; those who are natural with the environment help to get the most artistic shots.