About me

I was born on March 19, 1980, in Raudondvaris, one of the most beautiful suburbs of Kaunas. Many famous artists were born on this beautiful end-of-spring day, including maestro Vytautas Kernagis.

I spent my care-free childhood days in the wonderful estate of counts Tiškevičiai, located in Raudondvaris. The magnificent rose-bushes and flower fields around the estate have become an inseparable part of my childhood playground. Perhaps this unique environment is what pushed me towards the world of art.

My creative search and maturity developed in school:

In 1998 I graduated from Raudondvaris high school. In my senior years of school I already had several awards for my creative work. During my adolescent years I was interested in graphics and worked in this area.

In 2001 I graduated from J. Vienožinskis faculty of arts at Kauno Kolegija and acquired the specialty of decorative shaping.

In 2002 I realised that I want to expand my knowledge and abilities and I signed up for floristics course. Here I discovered the possibility to bring the dried flower petals back to life.

Since 2003 I combine family life and work; I submerged into motherhood and creative work.

In 2013 I graduated from the college programme of preschool upbringing and aquired a specialty of an educator and later the category of a senior educator.

I still actively experiment with my work which consist of paintings, works of graphics, postcards, photographs, wall-painting, etc.

I participated in the following exhibitions:

2006: Personal exhibition “Sielos akys” (Eyes of the Soul) at Meno pasažas gallery

2007: exhibition in the Red Cross cafe in Kaunas

2007: Collaborative exhibition “Другой взгляд на  природу” (A Different Look at Nature) with photo-artist Saulius Paukštis at the National Museum of Visual Arts in Bishkek, the capital of Kirghizia

2008: Exhibition of graphic painting at the library in Raudondvaris

2009: Exhibition “Rudens melodija” (The Melody of Autumn) at the Raudondvaris castle

2013: Exhibition at the Centre of Education of Kaunas District

2013: Exhibition at the Department of Culture, Education, and Sports at the administration of Kaunas District Municipality

2015: exhibition “Kitoks žiedlapių gyvenimas” (A Different Life of Petals) at the Padauguva library in Kaunas District