Flower-petal postcards

Flower petals are one of the most fragile and wonderful creations of nature. It is like a butterfly that is only alive for a few days, so I wish to preserve this beautiful symbol of temporariness.

I discovered the art of flower petals while I attended classes for floristics. The aim of my art is to bring the dying petals back for a new life.

A hand-made card makes a greeting heart-warming and personal; made specifically for the person to whom the card is given with regards to their personality.

Save your memories...

Our lives are full of beautiful moments and celebrations; but flowers wilt, lose their colour and spirit. If you have a bouquet of astonishing beauty or which is simply dear to you, you can preserve the memories with it and leave it for the future generations of your family. You can dry the petals and make them into a piece of art.

After the wedding reception is over, preserve the petals of the bride’s bouquet, which will come back for a second life as a miniature picture. Make it a lovely present for one or more wedding anniversaries.

If the client wishes, the miniatures can be made into a large reproduction or roll-up blinds.

The creative process

How are cards created? First, the petals and other small plants are carefully selected and laid into books to dry. Then they are sorted and put into envelopes. Further, the petals are arranged and glued to small pieces of paper, regarding their form, silhouettes, and resemblance to other objects.

No two cards are identical, so the person who gets the card can enjoy a unique piece of work.

Materials used

In the making of these cards, various dried flower petals and small plants as well as a selection of art supplies are used.

For my cards I only use paper of natural pastel colours which brings out the colours of the petals and plants and brightens the composition.

Cards for special occasions

I mostly make cards which are ordered for weddings, Christenings, celebrations of jubilees, for Mother’s and Father’s Day, Christmas, Easter and other personal as well as celebrations of the year. The cards are made to order. The most valuable present is personal and carefully selected. The cards can reflect the receiver’s personal qualities, their interests, or lifestyle.